Finding a good hairdresser is difficult for black women, who are forced to resort to social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter when looking to find someone to do their hair.

But it isn’t only difficult for those looking to get their hair styled, it can also be challenging for stylists who are just starting out. As Instagram favours businesses with a higher follow count as opposed to distance and ratings.


Glo, a geo-location based mobile and web app that promises to make it easier for people with afro hair to find hairdressers that are able to cater to their needs.

Benefiting both hairdressers and customers by helping customers to discover hairdressers closest to them whilst providing hairdressers with an easier and more convenient means to reach their target audience.

Adobe XD Prototype


Glo's colour pallette was heavily inspired by traditional African colours. A full overview of the branding can be seen in the branding booklet

Branding Booklet


Research was an integral part of the development and progression of the Glo application. The Research Record Report includes a user-testing report, survey results and various findings which have/are contrubuting to the development of Glo.

Research Report

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