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Creating a Language Exchange App

I've been studying Japanese for a number of years now and have always found it extremely challenging to find and maintain a serious language partner. Which is kind've important, considering that language exchange with natives from your target language can be one of the most effective ways to improve both your speaking and listening skills.

Whilst there are many apps already available on the market dedicated to finding "serious" language exchange partners, they’re good for meeting people but I don’t feel like they’re good for meeting the right people.

I’ve met more people than I can count on langauge exchanges platforms such as HelloTalk, ConversationExchange etc. of which I’m only in contact with about 5 of the people I’ve exchanged details with. After exchanging details and having a few conversations on Skype or Line, our relationships quickly fizzle out as it turns into a friendship rather than language exchange, which neither of us originally set out for.

Proposed Solution

An app dedicated to language exchange without all the fluff. Where users can establish serious language exchange relationships and manage them via the app, ensuring the relationship is focused on langauge exchange. Users can set goals and are also rewarded with badges and points to give them incentive to use the app.

What technologies will be used for the build?

I plan on using, Java to create the app as I haven't created anything using it before and it's been recommended to me to use by a few people.

Next Steps

Before building the app, I’m going to send out some surveys, so that I can identify language learners' main pain points. Followed by a user journey and low fidelity prototype.

  • Users will have basic details on their profile and a timeslot. Potential partners can book time slots for langauge exchange as single slots or sets (similar to italki)
  • Partners can find eachother based on their timeslots and goals. Goals will be predefined in the system for users to select.
  • Users will receive points for each completed language exchange session and badges for hitting milestones.

I’ve never created anything like this before, so I am looking forward to embarking on this journey and sharinTg it with anyone who bothers to read my blog.

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